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What Larimar Does

Larimar provides self-regulation tools that monitor and transform emotions, wellness, performance, and resilience for individuals and corporations. Larimar’s artificial intelligence technology works standalone as a mobile app or online service or can be integrated with existing smart wearable devices.

Larimar Is Personal to You

With Larimar’s technology, you can adjust detection and monitoring settings to uniquely transform your wellbeing. This makes Larimar’s solutions highly personal, flexible, and enduring.

Larimar Doesn't Disrupt Your Day

The technology Larimar provides is seamless in your everyday life. It learns about you with you barely lifting a finger. Smart, wearable biosensors send physiological data to complex machine-learning algorithms while data collected from the simple, engaging phone app completes the picture. This combination produces accurate and actionable results.

Larimar Integrates Easily
 Larimar supports various integration interfaces with several application versions. One version is for consumers to boost and transform their wellbeing. Another version allows organizations to identify and improve the elements of their corporate culture to increase overall productivity. This second version can be used as an assistive tool for corporate coaches.

Help Us Get Even Smarter

We have the knowledge and passion to boost your wellbeing today, but to get even better at it, we need you. You can make a difference by giving us your valuable feedback. Watch our video and tell us what you think.


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